Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Path to Jesus of Nazareth

How does one become a Christian? How can one enter the kingdom of God? How does one follow Jesus of Nazareth? 

Humbly repent 
This means that you regret your past wrongs and this sorrow leads you to repent, which is when one turns to Jesus and ceases from sin.

Confess your sins
This brings to light those deeds that keep you in bondage and creates accountability.

Trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord
Have faith in Jesus like you would trust a life jacket in the ocean. You don't just believe in the life jacket – you put it on! Jesus is now your life, thoughts, and words.

Be at peace with God and man 
Jesus said that we must love God with all our heart, soul and mind and love others as ourselves. We love God by following him, helping, and telling others about the Kingdom of God.

Follow Jesus' commands
Read the Bible daily and obey what you read. Jesus says that if we do not obey, we do not love him. One command is that one must be baptized.

Ancient Paint Workshop Challenges Human Evolutionary Story

In 2008, excavations in a South African cave uncovered two red-stained abalone shell bowls along with various tools in what was evidently a workshop where ochre and other ingredients were mixed, most likely for use as paint. Researchers examined the artifacts and have published a study in which they say the artifacts are 100,000 years old. Could they really be that ancient?

Read the rest of the article at : Ancient Paint Workshop Challenges Human Evolutionary Story

Friday, September 14, 2012

Things to Protect and Preserve

If you are a Christian, you are part of a network of others who need to protect and preserve what has been given you. Preservation of one's ideas, cultures, traditions, or possessions is not what we as Christians are to be doing. This will make us lose focus of Christ as king. Our subculture, ideas, beliefs, goals, nor our denominations should be the king of our life.

We need to focus on Christ's kingdom. We need to get back to discipleship, a disciple is one who follows someone or a learner, in this case Christ. If one is a follower of Christ, obedience to Jesus, evangelism, and discipling others will follow.

Our life needs to be focused on following the two greatest commandments, and making disciples, bringing them into the kingdom. This is the only way we can grow the church and make it stronger.

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