Thursday, December 24, 2015

5 Christmas Myths That Some May Thought Were in the Bible, But Aren't.

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As you gather with family and friends for Christmas celebrations, here are some fun conversation facts to tell everyone! In a previous post (see here) I talked about 3 Things You Thought The Bible Says About Christmas, But It Doesn't. Here I have 5 more myths that some may think that are taught in the Bible but really are not.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

3 Essential Tools to Own Your Knowledge for Deception Prevention (And Why Doubting Is Not a Sin)

Car in snow. Public Domain. Click for credit.
The air was cold and crisp as I started driving home. The roads were clear so I zoned out. About the same instant as I noticed white flakes in the air and the white fluffy stuff on the road, was when I started losing control. Going down an incline, I started to veer. Yes, in one instant the road changed from clean to slick. My speed was just too fast and the car started to spin out of control. While providence may have been the ultimate cause of stabilization, I also feel that experience on ice may have helped.

Back on the road, I was grateful for previous experiences, not during the time of emergency, but rather safely on open slick parking lots. I want to stress this point; I had experience, experience during a time of safety and low stress situations for practice.

This point is essential for the prevention of deception. You need to interact with truth and wisdom in low level situations and practice your knowledge. Here I want to talk about asking questions to address your doubts, and help you affirm your understanding by writing and speaking. This way you own your beliefs.

Doubting is not sin

Garrett Hardin, click for credit.
Late Garrett Hardin, a scientists who was an agnostic, told a story of his teenage years, it is so depressing to me. He was out hunting with his father and there was small talk. Garrett asked who made God. Sadly his dad, with fervor, told him he must never ask that question. This experience was a major step towards Garrett’s agnosticism. However, this conversation did not just effect him, but many others because of his influence! How much better it would have been if his dad would have allowed Garrett space to ask questions and try to give a response or be willing to research the answer if he did not know it.

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