Thursday, August 28, 2014

Christian Narcissism

....and how to fix it

"No," I said after being asked if I had any plans for summer vacation. "Why not?" was his response. "To be clear, I'm not against vacations, I go on vacation every once in a while. However, it seems to me many are always planning and executing their world travels. There's more to life than just vacations. In addition, the intent is usually self-centered." Then I got the comment "The daily grind of going to work and back seems so mundane, vacations gives us something to anticipate. And what's more to life any way?"

He should have known better, he was a bright, well educated who person who possessed charisma and leader like traits. Beyond that, he was no novice Christian. I was saddened, but not surprised. When Christians have this central self-focus, I call it Christian Narcissism.

Narcissism Spectrum

On one end, we have many Christians pursuing luxurious vacations, sprawling estates, feasts, fashion and entertainments such as sports, music and movies. Some feel gain is godliness.

Sliding to the other end, we have self-focused spirituality, a focus on one's spiritual satisfaction. After salvation, the only thing left is eternity. These people's core focus is Christian friends, music, “Christian” culture, personal knowledge and/or study. Some think that Christianity is made up in a special formula of clothing and spiritual sounding words and phrases.

My Cross-Hairs

A measure of necessity can be seen on both ends of the spectrum. Many things are needed to live such as food, clothing and shelter. We also need time to rejuvenate and enjoy God's creation and gifts he has supplied. Yes, on the other end we do need godliness, fellowship, praising God and knowledge. These too are essentials.

However, my cross-hairs are set on the focus of excess personal affluence and selfish spirituality. In other words, many Christians are focused on their personal peace and affluence. This is not the mark of a mature follower of Christ - but a babe.

The Big Three - How Not To Be That Christian Narcissist

Now probably the Scriptures could speak to many more items, but the following three attributes are essentials for a mature follower of Christ.
  • modeling virtue
  • philanthropist
  • messenger

Like usual, words were chosen here to make one think. Also, I want to note that a proper modeled virtuous life should, as a matter of course, lead to the other two. If Spiritual fruit is produced and if there is obedience to Christ and Apostles it is just one package.

However, many slide to “first base” and stay there focused on personal peace and spirituality - ignoring the other two. Some may try to jump to the second or third and ignore the others. All are essential in some measure but not sufficient in themselves for a mature believer.

In Pursuit of Righteousness

Foundational to virtue and righteousness is love, not the emotional nor tolerance type that contemporaries teach - but the real biblical love. We must be followers of Christ, growing in godliness, sanctification virtue. This is where we model or live our faith as Christ taught. To be ambassadors for Christ we need to be knowledgeable, wise and virtuous. These are life long pursuits for a Christ follower.

Altruistic Inclined

One does not have to interact long with others to know that many have true needs. In Matthew 15 Jesus says that he will separate the “sheep from the goats” by the following standards. His sheep are those who feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, house strangers, clothed the naked, and visit the sick and those in prison. Those who aren't altruistic will be told “depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” James says that true religion is to care for the suffering widows and orphans.

Articulate The Message

A prayer for many to come to salvation is essential, because without the work of Christ and the Spirit our talk has no efficacy. But we are tasked to teach, persuade, make a case for and tell others about Christ. While doing good and being righteous are essentials for bring others to Christ, there also has to be verbal communication. Jesus did more than just live right and help others, he spoke it as well. A teacher who never speaks or writes, but only demonstrates the lesson, would teach some, but would soon be jobless. A salesperson would also not last long if he knew and used the product line but never communicated to people about the line. Jesus commanded the apostles to teach what he taught them. One command was to tell others the Gospel - this is a perpetual command. He taught them to teach their disciples and those disciples were to teach others.

Narcissism And The Fix

While self preservation and spirituality are essential for us, these must not sum up the life of a believer. There is more, living in obedience to Christ, doing good works (as the Bible calls it), and verbally communicating the Gospel. The focus is not us, but rather Christ.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pro-Life Cartoon 5.0

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

That Lonely Silly Man

The peace in that beautiful clean church was broken by a visitor one bright Sunday morning. A coarse, wheat brown colored "bath robe" like garment, wrap his body. Unlike the sparkling clean church and other's stiff clean ties, the robe sported dinginess here and there, and its owners feet were bear and dusty. Unshaven for days, stubble marked his face, and finger length curly hair topped his crown.

How disrespectful. How inappropriate. Disrespect for order, that's what. What gall. And then he starts talking....that's when it gets really strange.

We are to give food to the poor - invite them to our meals? Never, such dirty and uncouthed people in my house! Our lives must be moral, repent from sin? He has it messed up, God is the God of love - he forgives - we can continue to sin that's works salvation - does he not understand? Obey God, who can do that? We should be out telling others the Gospel? That would make us look foolish and would offend others. Visit those in jail - naw, they're evil people, they deserve loneliness - plus they could hurt me. Love all - including those who hate me....OK, that's over the top - that's just stupid.

Good for them, articulately but forcefully, church leaders tell him to shut-up - he's disturbing the peace and order - as we know God loves order. But no, that man seems to know how to talk, he asks questions he makes statements, he seems to know how to cut right into our heart.

Now he says his is from God, sent from God, he is God, he is his son! Blasphemy!

All the most notable men and women of the church agree, this man must leave.

He calls them hypocrites and snakes. What gall! Those men of God should'nt be disrespected like that! Shame on him! The uproar he has caused, disturbing the peace tracking in dust on the sacred floor from his bear-feet, order must be restored. Defenestrated onto the concrete walk, he picks himself up and hobbles away.

Going home I pass him walking down the road, alone. What if? . . . was he right? . . .Oh well. . . I got my life to live.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pro-Life Cartoon 4.0

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


The new school year is here – so you want to raise an agnostic you ask? How about an atheist? Maybe a rebel? Now, I'm not saying these all fall into the same category, however, instruction of each are similar. There're many things one can do, but here's some ideas for starters.


Make sure he's always with his friends. In fact, this must be the most important striving in his life – focus on peers. Peer pressure is great – they'll all help each-other! But wait till you hear this, stay away from him – his group is perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. This means you don't have any family time or even instruct him – these things may be distressing and boring for him. I care less if he's in elementary or high school – friends are supreme!


Ah, let me tell you about the second principle! Think about all the cool things she can do on her computer like games, connecting with friends and watching movies! Encourage all–nighters on that latest game or flipping channels on that television set. Oh, talking with friends all night can be fun as well, don't make a deal about her waking up at two in the afternoon however – think of it – lots of personal time for you! Encourage her to play Grand Theft Auto – it's always fun “acting like" you're killing people and stealing things! And about those movies, ya, um, just let her watch anything – murder and explicit ones are fine – you got the picture – she will learn early won't she? Whatever you do, please, please don't deprive her of a personal smart phone, that would be child abuse – that's a no–no! Yes, that's important – she NEEDS to stay connected with all her friends – she may get distressed and become lonely if she doesn't have it at her finger tips.


So this last one is kinda a dandy – think about it, what if he could go to a place for about eight hours a day to be trained by materialistic and atheistic only curriculum and thought patterns (teaching God is a no–no)? A place where all beliefs are equal (but - no theism please, that would be bigotry). Think of it, a place like this would be great for teaching that there's no grounding for morals and all people have subjective truth! You know, public learning institutions are great for his elementary mind, its young and malleable. Whatever you do, don't give him what you believe, that would be wrong, never give him the arguments of what you believe – never prepare him – he should be allowed to chose any path he wants. Oh, after school programs are great as well, less time with you, you have more time for yourself, perfect– hey, it keep him out of your hair – right?


OK, let's review here – help her focus on having friends and getting in the “in–group”. Give her all and any media she want, music, movies, phones, games – unrestricted! Lastly, support the local public children's tutelage centers – every school day brings her closer to being that rebel you wanted her to be. Don't give her reasons and preparation for these ideologies. You know, agnosticism or even atheism would be great to augment with tolerance and relativism – as you know– we all make up our own rules anyhow!

Well that's it for now, hope this helps for a new school year. Only three easy steps to that freethinking rebel!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pro-Life Cartoon 3.0

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Multiverse Theory Proves Flying Spaghetti Monster

You may not consciously believe in the flying spaghetti monster, but if you affirm Multiverse Theory–as many atheists, agnostics, and anti-theists do–then you really do believe in his Meatball Noodliness. Here’s how.

Premise 1: To account for the vast improbabilities of this universe, this universe is treated as one among many, perhaps, infinite universes [Multiverse theory]

Premise 2: Given infinite (or nearly infinite) universes every logical possibility becomes a metaphysical inevitability (or near inevitability) [i.e., all possible options are tried, so every remotely possible state eventually occurs]

Premise 3: The Flying Spaghetti Monster is logical possible [as are unicorns, leprechauns, tooth fairies, etc.] since they are not logically incoherent.

Conclusion: Therefore, the Flying Spaghetti Monster exists.

There you have it. If one agrees with multiverse theory, where the number of universes are so vastly expanded as to make inevitiabilities out of the many improbabilities of this universe, it is virtually certain that at least one of those many universes has a flying spaghetti monster. For that matter, one may add to the collection of actualized creatures, unicorns, fairy god mothers, tooth fairies, leprechauns, and honest lawyers. All of these exist!!!

Image and Post source: Intelligent Christian Faith used by permission. For in-depth rebuttal and responses to the rebuttals please go to Intelligent Christian Faith

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gangster Grandma


Someone's grandma is shuffling down the street about to cross that busy road. Being the generous self that you are, you slowly walk next to her, making sure she arrives safe on the other side.

She thanks you and starts into a sob story of her life and her poverty. You are moved with compassion, and that's when she asks for charity. Reaching down to you wallet, you pull out a five and hand it to her. She says she could use more, so you hand her another five and head off.

You barely take a step down the side walk when she says "I want all you money, please." You hesitate. Spontaneously she says "hurry, or I'll shoot you." Flabbergasted you laugh, not sure if poverty stricken sweet grandma has lost her mind. You smile and say "have a good day" and start moving, as you turn to go, you see her hand slip into her purse and out slides out a cute looking Remington derringer. You don't think twice, with one smooth move, your hand slips into your pocket pulling out your wallet, emptying the contents into grandmas purse as the business end of the weapon is pointed at you. You say "good day" to sweet old grandma and you vamoose.


Faith, some say faith is blind, maybe so. But I could also say arithmetic is blind, sames goes with information, reason, logic, thinking, and may other things. The concept is unseen.

But it is really not "blind" in the sense of evidence, we know we believe things because of the evidence. That's where the allegory comes in, "you" didn't have faith in "grandma's" threat till there was evidence. In grandma's case, you physically saw the evidence, the gun. But that is that is not the only type of evidence. Now, this evidence may have been misplaced. The derringer may have been a replica or it may not have been loaded. But there was evidence, and good evidence at that.

Not Blind Faith

Faith in God is similar. God never asks us for "blind faith." Jesus and the biblical writers give much evidence for faith - in other words believing on him or putting our trust in him. Biblical examples where Jesus provided evidences include previous Scriptures, God the Father, the Spirit, John the baptist, his miracles, Jesus himself, prophesy, changed lives, personal testimony, personal experiences and primary sources.

But Thomas....

"But what about the infamous doubting Thomas"? one may ask. OK, good question. Let me give the context.

In John 20:11-26 we read the story of Mary Magdaline and the apostles. Only after Mary Magdaline went to the and tomb, met the angles and talked to Christ did she personally tell the disciples what happened. Later, all the disciples, save Thomas, were gathered together when Jesus appeared in the mist of them showing them his hands and side, and spoke to them. The disciples had first hand testimony of speaking to and seeing the resurrected Jesus. Even thought Thomas had all this evidence (besides Jesus own words before his death), Thomas said he wouldn't believe till he saw and felt the wounds. A number of days later, the disciples, including Thomas, were together. Jesus again appeared. Now picking up on verses 27-29 Jesus says “Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing. And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God. Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”

Blind Faith?

This is where so many get the idea of “blind faith”. However, just a natural reading in context will reveal that Thomas had plenty of evidences - personal testimony from Mary, the apostles and Jesus' own prophesy.

But this passage goes on to say more in verse 30 and 31 “And many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book: But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.” 

Ah, so look at the last part, in other words, he presents these evidences that we may trust that Jesus is the Messiah, God's Son – so we may have life by believing through his name!

What is faith?

So what is faith? Faith simply means a trust or have confidence in something, in other words holding a thing to be true. It is also justified belief and not just opinion. Faith doesn't mean there is lack of evidence. Maybe a more accurate word to the Biblical text would be trust.

But I heard otherwise!

However, I have noticed that most Christians believe that faith means something totally different. Unfortunately us Christians, in general, have picked this different meaning from agnostics and atheists. We are told that faith and evidence are antithesis of each other. This view is NOT biblical. For an example of a non-Christian's thoughts: "Faith is belief without evidence and reason" Now I could see many Christians agreeing. However, it goes onto say "coincidentally that's also the definition of delusion." Think about it, the second part does easily follow if the first part is true. So who stated this quote? You guessed it: Richard Dawkins.

You know as much as me this is not biblical. So why do we let atheists define faith for us rather than the Scriptures (1)? 

So why?

Here some more rhetorical questions to think about. Why do we teach "blind faith", "faith instead of fact", "simple faith" and "a leap of faith"? So why do we use slogans and rhetoric like"you should just have simple faith", or "don't use man's reasoning?"

Is Faith opposed to reason and fact?

But there's more, faith isn't opposed to "science", knowledge, reason, logic, understanding, wisdom, etc. Consider this, God is the Creator of the natural world, how could faith be incompatible with God's creation (some may say "science" or nature)? From God's nature flows knowledge, reason, logic, wisdom, truth, love, etc. - all compatible but all physically unseen - but all knowable and all have evidence for their existence.

Since from God comes reason and faith, and if faith is in opposition to that, we would have a strange conundrum, right? We are in God's image, that is why we also have these qualities and should cultivate them. There is no such thing as faith vs. fact. The opposite of faith is faithlessness or lack of trust. The opposites of fact and reason are fiction and unreasonableness!

Oh, by the way, please please be faithful and pass along these facts and reasons to all you interact with!

(1) Here are some sources that will give you what faith really means: Act 1:3, John 20:30-31, John 21:24, John 10:24-26, 37-38, John 8 17-18, Exodus 4-12 (God proves who he is through Moses).

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pro-Life Cartoon 2.0

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