Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Magician’s Art of Deception, And The Third Way (& Only Way) To Find Truth

Join me, if you would, and think about a magician’s act, who’s not mesmerized by the “trickery”? We all know the card tricks, “death defying” antics, and captivating“disappearing” and then “reappearing” moves are basically misdirection, sleight of hand and skill. Simply: a type of deception we like. Try sleight of hand on small children, they love it. Tricks leave people saying “how was that done?” Even if we know every step of the magician’s trick, we love the experience.

It seems we are the same way in other areas of our life. Society's glitter draws crowds. Charismatic religious teachers unintentionally or intentionally cause misdirection. Rather than a focus on Christ, there is a focus on sports, a promotion of a culture or a clawing for money. While a magician's misdirection can be controlled, the simple person is illiterate to life’s parasites. We can’t risk being simple, not for a follow of Christ, we need to understand truth and why it’s true.

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