Friday, January 22, 2016

Some of the Most Murderers "Regimes" Since the Early Nineteen-Hundreds, The Last One will Stun You!

We are disgusted with Hitler, with Stalin and with Mao. Rightfully so, we all know they were sick, sick people murdering millions. Some say "God has a special place for them in hell", and maybe he does, I don't know. We wonder "why didn't people step up and stop them"? How could the rest of humanity allow such atrocious atrocities? How could these criminals of humanity and their henchmen do such horrible deeds?

These are all deep questions that we need to perpetually ponder. But I do have to wonder how clean our hands are? In United States alone, where Christianity is a majority, the murderous deed of snuffing out unborn human baby's lives go unchecked. In addition, the sad fact is that many who name the name of Christ do these murderous deeds as well, taking the life of their unborn progeny.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Are Unborn Human Babies Alive? A Biological Perspective Of Life.

Biologists like lists and categories. Lots of them. In my very last biology class as a student, we talked about one such list, a list that describe the attributes of life. This class was virology, so obviously we were interested if viruses are even considered alive, which some push to the outskirts, if they are even life!

While there are a number of variations of lists that distinguish life from non-life, most overlap. I wondered how an unborn human baby would fair to such a list. So I put the unborn human to the test.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Truth Ain’t Enough. Why You Should Inoculate, Not Isolate

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Just The Truth Please?

A counterfeiter once walked into a gas station, slapped down a seven and asked for change. Without skipping a beat, the attendant handed him a three and four dollar bill and said “good day.”

One of the most annoying "Christian" myths is that many think law enforcement, who deal with counterfeiting, only memorize the "real McCoy" to spot the fake. I want to scream every time I hear this. Yes, you need to know truth, for sure. Since the false is deviations from truth, you can’t know the false until you know the truth. However, it is not the only thing cops learn, they also learn classical examples of the counterfeit.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Top Posts Of 2015 That You Don't Want To Miss

Last year, the post views went out with a bang, the second most popular post was the last one! But before we talk about the top posts, let’s get the year started right with some thoughts.

Every work of art, every movie, every book and every song has an objective and a world-view attached (which is why we need to know what we believe and why, and know deviations from truth). This blog is all about bringing people closer to Christ, whether a Christian or not. I try to promote a Christian world-view.

If Christ is not your focus: I’m after YOU! He is the foundation and pivot for life. Anything that takes precedence over him and his teachings becomes idols. I have become more convinced than ever the need of us to step up to the plate and answer bad philosophy and deceptive views that are so prevalent. That is why this blog is here, to help do that!

As the year progressed, there was a steady growth in subscribers from the year before, thanks and I hope it has been (and will be) worth your time to hang out here! If you are not an email subscriber yet, please join others and sign up!

And don’t forget to interact! If you like specific topics or content to help you prepare for interaction, feel free note that below or email me off to the side! However, if you disagree with any post, feel free to leave a note below so we can have a discussion!

Here are the top six posts that made it around the globe, so they may interest you too!

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