Sunday, November 29, 2015

One Amazing Idea Every Christian Should do for Christmas (Plus 8 Secret Tools Creative People Use to Be Creative!)

How can one be a follower of Christ without a desire to tell others the Gospel? I don't really know. However, you know how it is, many people don’t like to hear the Gospel. But one time in the year most are not only okay with hearing the Gospel, but expect it!
Check out your contact list for an opportunity to express Christ through your cards, letters, family pictures or gifts. A picture of Santa or a tree is a waist stamp, card and envelope.

Search for cards with powerful messages. Since they can be hard to come by, you may want something special, make them yourself! Don't worry if you are not creative. That's why this post was written! I would like to give you some ideas that creative people use to be creative (not just with cards but with all things in life). Plus I want to give you ideas for the card content.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Was Jesus' Resurrection Fiction? (Plus A Great Short Video!)

One of these days, if it has not yet happened, one will inform you that the New Testament account of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is “fiction”. Plus, he or she will say that the accounts are late dated, generations after Christ, when myth is made.

This is a real concern, because if the account of Jesus is false, it means that Christianity falls! In fact, the apostle Paul pointed out this exact possible weakness in 1 Corinthians 15. If Jesus did not raise from the dead…our faith is in vain.

Maybe he was also saying to the skeptic “OK, here you go, you want to disprove Christianity, you want to destroy it, than feel free to take aim at the resurrection and Christianity is DEAD if proven false”! If one wants to falsify Christianity, here is the “Achilles heal”.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Why Billy Died Even Though He “Trusted” God! (Why Truth Ain’t Enough to Protect you from Error, Here’s What Else is Needed.)

Flash floods. Bad storm. The dam overflows…then brakes. Billy hears the rush of water hit his house as he awakes. Floods rise as he climbs on his table, but the water is getting higher. Standing upon a chair on the table he grabs the beam, he swings, smashing the window that leads out to the roof. All the way he prays for his life. Faith wells up in him. He knows God will spare his life. Climbing up to the peak, sitting on the gable, he awaits for the salvation of God -- for a miracle. The water continues to rise, creeping up the roof nearing his feet, his faith wavers.

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