Thursday, August 1, 2013

Christian Unity

Unity is essential among true disciples, Jesus made this clear in John seventeen. Many people talk about unity, but rarely is it ever defined. If it is defined, sometimes it is so narrow that only a few can be “united in Christ.” If our definition of unity is so exacting on some aspects of life, we would have to say that most people, most believing and practicing Christians (people who really behave as Christ taught) are not Christians. Others define it so broad that anyone is a Christian.  Neither is correct.

Christian unity is not having the same culture traditions, customs, nor culture. If one were to peruse through the Bible and look for every place that talked about unity, oneness, one mind, like mind, etc., one would find that the context defines it quite simply. 

In a nutshell, unity is just being a Christian, walking the Christian walk.Theology is important, however, it is not part of unity except for the clear basics such as found in the Apostle's creed.

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